Omnis Terra Canada (OTC) is a privately-owned, incorporated company headquartered in Toronto, with offices in Istanbul, Denver and Chicago

To obtain natural resources through environmentally beneficial practices combined with lucrative returns. Today’s technologies are finding solutions to yesterday’s problems in an environmentally, socially, and profitable manner. Omnis Terra Canada was created as a pioneering environmental project company seeking to take a leading role for environmental projects by implementing innovative technologies from contaminated hazardous waste sites.

OTC executes purpose driven projects through remediation, repurposing and reclamation to deliver high returns for our stakeholders. OTC’s goal is to be a global industry leader in eliminating hazardous waste left behind from natural resources and industrial development projects while recovering precious and base metals, as well as rare earth minerals. We seek to accomplish our objectives of environmental stewardship through many channels, including research & development, related sustainable applications and licensed patented technology

OTC’s protocol is to acquire, coordinate and facilitate each project on a case-by-case basis creatively and efficiently while maintaining transparency and accountability in collaboration with our like-minded partners. We fulfill a global need by combining patented technology with contaminated sites that require environmental clean-up while providing exceptional yields for our financial partners to satisfy the impact investment appetite of today’s impact institutional investor


We hold ourselves to a high standard of ethical and professional conduct while maintaining transparency and accountability. Our principals have decades of business experience and believe that credibility, integrity, and principles are paramount to any and all business dealings

Selçuk is an engineer by trade, but an entrepreneur by practice. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept. of Princeton University in 1986, but later returned to Turkey in 1994. As a dual citizen of Canada and Turkey, Selçuk established, and then subsequently sold three companies, one of which was the exclusive distributor for two Fortune 500 companies – all three companies rose to country-wide prominence under his leadership.

Selçuk Altay
Metrotel Group

Haluk is an accomplished, result oriented leader with a strong history in trade relations as well as market development. His experience as a project developer, c-level executive, and investor has enabled him to drive best practices regarding organizational improvement, and his interpersonal skills has allowed him to excel in dynamic, demanding environments. Haluk has a proven ability to identify new markets and give insight on strategic positioning for investments.

Haluk Gürsen
Metrotel Group

Roy has over 20+ years of investment experience working in an array of roles with tier one investment banks covering institutional clients, hedge funds, public pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, and Fortune 500 companies. Roy has been able to consistently provide value by leveraging business process outsourcing and in-sourcing in order to provide financial insights and innovative solutions to help his clients with their service delivery objectives.

Roy Mansell
Ra Global Group

Patrick is an entrepreneur at heart. Throughout his career, Patrick has succeeded in a range of positions from consultancy to sales, in start-up ventures as well as internationally established companies. Over his career, Patrick has secured contracts to bring clean tech across international borders, and he has successfully brought a wind/solar hybrid to the market. His in-depth knowledge on up and coming technology will be vital to the growth of OTC.

Patrick Hanna
ENCO Group

Over his professional career, Ken has been tasked in leading the organization’s finances and operations. From startups to publicly traded companies, Ken’s work as an accountant, consultant, c-level executive, and international affairs corporations officer has given him exposure to a broad range of industries, which includes renewable energy, oil & mineral exploration, and government. His ability to quickly identify problems and develop a plan of attack will be critical.

Ken Sandham
Vaga Consulting

After graduating from both Upper Canada College and Queen's University, Michael started his career in the sales division at Canada’s largest solar company, where he demonstrated a proven ability to excel in wide range of positions. He took on a leadership role in operations, where he played a vital role in improving optimization within the company and increased sales by 300% over 4 months. Michael played a critical role in the company’s transition towards the US market before joining OTC.

Michael Kim
ENCO Group

Tamer is an exploration geologist by education and holds an M.Sc. degree. He has over 30 years of experience in the mining industry within multi-national corporations including management positions. He has been in several precious and base metal deposits discovery teams in Turkey. He has also took part in multiple overseas metal exploration projects in Canada and Ireland. He has spent serious time within cement and aggregates industry for an Italian conglomerate. He is currently acting as a Director and Board Member of a junior gold exploration company in Turkey, which earlier was a subsidiary of an Australian junior listed at ASX, and independent consultant for international mineral exploration projects. His strong mining law and regulations information with governmental and administrative relationships related to mining and energy affairs make him a key member for OTC.

Tamer Gezbul

Igor graduated with a M.Sc in mining and petroleum engineering at Delft University of Technology, along with an international diploma for earth resources engineering at the Royal School of Mines in London. Since then, Igor has over 20+ years of experience in the engineering sectors, having worked in a variety of industries including quarries, waste to energy, mining, and fiber optics. His knowledge of different markets and his technical and managerial background make him a great fit for the OTC team.


Our Model

OTC empowers global sustainability while creating lucrative returns to usher in positive global change. We strive to service our clients and collaborate with our partners with a mandate to “do well by doing good”

OTC is dedicated to environmental stewardship within the natural resource sector to positively impact the global environment and communities

Identify, secure and control contaminated project sites to execute remediation, reclamation, and repurpose initiatives

OTC provides a platform for our clients and partners for the introduction of technologies, development and capitalization of projects and/or project investment

Clients and partners include technology proprietors, EPCM’s, mining companies, governments, NGO’s, equity and operational partners, institutional investors, debt providers and local governments

  • Environmental Remediation
  • Natural Resource Development & Reclamation
  • Mine Tailings & Commercial Clean Up 
  • Energy Fracking 
  • Re-Purposing Natural Resources Of Water, Waste to Energy


OTC’s core business focuses on patented technology, environmental project management and development, and capital solutions. Our entrepreneurial mindset, along with the flexibility and efficiency of working in a team structure with diverse backgrounds, helps OTC execute successful solutions


Providing operating capital and debt servicing for patented technologies and environmental projects in need. This financial support is provided through proprietary means or through our institutional financial partners and structures including project finance and risk management


Offering an array of services which includes pre-feasibility studies, due diligence, data collection, field studies, technical analysis, evaluations, environmental impacts, environmental modelling and risk assessments


Creating and operating a variety of corporate vehicles to suit each project accordingly. These may include special purpose entities, segregated management companies, and special purpose private equity funds depending on tax consequences, government regulations, or locations


OTC is fortunate to work with like-minded clients, partners, and stakeholders who believe that natural resources can be acquired and utilized indefinitely. We deeply value our collaborations and partnerships and consistently look to expand our network with entities who share the vision. Through our mutual commitment and persistence, we will change the world for the better



65 Shuter Street Unit #74, M5B 1B2, Toronto, Canada
+1 773 273 8005